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Friday, July 20, 2018

Villipaatu - Creation Story and more

Oh I how I wish I could translate this word for word!
Shri Subbu Arumugam is proponent of the storytelling art form Tamilnadu called VILLU-PAATU which means Bow-Song ( Song from the Bow)
Here he shares the Creation Story of the Art form:
A Raja went into the forest and killed animals for evening he regretted his act, so he asked his Minister how he could was his sin away. His minister suggested that the Raja should sing!!
So the Bow that was the symbol of violence was turned into a musical instrument by the creative Raja, and then turned the pot upside and place the Bow on it and started singing.
The first note he uttered went like this : THANDANA THOM - which means I give myself to my art. So sing, play music, tell stories for the sake of the art itself...and not for the appreciation you could or want to get! Give Your Self to your Art , Give Yourself, Give : Thandanan Thom , Thandanana Thom!
Does nature expect to be appreciated - it just is - the beautiful waterfall , flowers and trees - watch them and be that way!
Now the Raja also had people around him and he asked them not stay silent but to say AMMAM at every stage.
"Ammam" is "YES...and"
Start by agreeing, and then everything will follow you.
Say Yes first, Say Yes!
( While doing Improv Theatre this is the first instruction we are given! Say Yes...and then add to the story.
Say Yes...accept and then adapt or change the story)

Start your story with Thandana Thom!
End it with a VAZHTHU ( Praise to all the world - express gratitude)

The entire Story telling is done with Music, Narrative, Jokes, anecdotes from personal life, interaction and participation from others around the main Storytellers.
Those who support the storyteller can even correct him at times, or remind him of something he may have forgotten.
Words are played around, feelings are provoked. Yet the storytellers has an unbiased version and provides different perspectives through his telling.
There is a script and there is a lot that happens on the spot.


The true Essence of storytelling!