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Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Meet n Greet" an Author

How exciting to read a book with the person who wrote it!!

Obviously the passion and the nuances,
 the thought and the idea behind a page or a word
 is transmitted seamlessly.
Arthi Anand Navaneeth shared her new book, released by Tulika publishers called
"Have you Seen This"

A curious yarn she has spun 

Through questions that make us imagine

When things may not be as they appear

Then we ask ourselves,"Have you seen This"!! 

Delighted to have her interact with kids at thinkBox library, last Saturday (Sept.22nd)

Kids jumped into an imaginary questioning world with Arthi, as she also spoke about bonding through and with books to parents who had come along.

What's best is that the book is bilingual and can be bought in 5 different languages along with English;
Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarathi, Marathi and Kanada!


I was all curious to know which was her favorite book...and I was told 'The Little Prince', ok...the Book club at think Box has one more book to discuss and review...yep waiting to see how we can read it together!

Arthi also spoke about ways to find new words, and touched upon the publishing/printing world...loads of hard work put in by a team of passionate people and Viola, a lovely, colourful book to behold!!

I am sure many parents in the audience were inspired to read more with their kids, and I imagine there will be some authors atleast from this team of kids.

Lets wait and see!!

But most of all, Thanks to Bhakthi and her library: thinkBox, we have a place, this side of town to bond over books!

(oops, missed out that Hindi, Bengali and Telugu versions are also available

and do check out the following link:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kolam Kolam everywhere, don't know which to pick!

After a long time, I got the threesome to move out on a Sunday morning ....for a horse ride...but even I never expected the morning to turn out so visually amazing.

We decided to stop by at Commercial street to have breakfast and behold our surprise....a riot of colours..
We were in time to see the Rangoli competition conducted by Shri Vidyaranya Yuvaka Sangha, Basavanagudi.

Steady hands, patterns flowing, colour schemes...children could not peel their eyes away, and neither could I!

Some opted for shadow effects and well thought out...

This lady was using a funnel to draw out the patterns, clean neat lines flowed threw her hands

Amazingly fast this lady had finished well within the allotted time, you can imagine how clearly and meticulously she must have planned it...or she could be an old hand!

Lovely colours...a peacock is the inspiration perhaps?

Simple lines, yet a dramatic effect

Ah, intricate lines, stark, but complex

Apparently the winners will be announced on September 27th, check this out 

Following very closely with the nationwide call to all, by Pratham Books to mark International Literacy day, to read and share the book Susheela's Kolams (here seen on the blog Saffron Tree) on 8th September, I thought it  apt to share these pictures with you...

Single handed, these women poured their creativity onto the streets of Bangalore, must say Kudos to the organisers and a small pat and smile for myself for being there at the right time...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

N and P words: A case for analyses

A hectic month and half for a person who likes loads of space...this was a good season of storytelling with children for me.

Interestingly I have been reading a lot as well. My on and off relationship with books saw a marked changed when I finished 3 books thanks to a dear friend of mine.

"Emperor of Maladies" was an eye opener, a fact-pack if I may coin such a word. All you need to know about Cancer and more. It leans heavily towards metaphorical storytelling, using feelings and emotions to paint a picture of this disease through the ages. (The other 2 books were totally different from this, "the Curious incident of the dog" and The Giraffes Tears"; I recommend both as subtle, honest and wonderful literature)

Yet what I want to vent about today is based on none of these.
Hmm...actually it is slightly relevant to the first book I mentioned....  

Siddhartha Mukherjee paints a grim picture of Cancer, the phantasmagorical disease of the genes. He is quite forthright in saying that he foresees a future, with every second person having had some encounter with this debilitation.

That got me thinking...

 What is a debilitating it the sudden onset of a painful killer or is it the slow ponderous  "Age" catching up?
I promise you it is neither…

The greatest debilitation comes from our thinking…and specifically from thinking negatively.

In my mind just as I have started calling Cancer the C word (a cuss actually), I have also started calling Negativity the N word.

There is nothing more subtle than the N word to slowly squeeze the juices out of you.
It saps your energy, it drains you of life and soon you are but a mere shadow of your former self. Unable to move on, unable to live…

In it its advanced stages this disease takes over your identity and more cruelly becomes contagious.  It wants to spread and so in its hunger to spread it sends its talons into others, sucking their life and soul too…

This is the Dementor from Rowling’s imagination…
This is the most debilitating disease of our existence...

It can creep subtly into your house/home, through small words and actions, then grow proportionately as it feeds on simmering resentment, frustration and distorted thinking. Once it has found a foot hold, eviction is as difficult as throwing a stubborn tenant out of your house. 

I leave you for a minute to ponder over this nightmare...


(Imagine a life taken over by your negative thinking, where everyone is wrong and everything can go wrong...fear filled days, anger soaked reactions, seething eruptions of temper, mind numbing thoughts that paralyze you, scathing cutting words that paralyze others...fear ...anger...anger...fear...

Oh God what is this?

This is living a nightmare....A soul that lives but is dead...)

Funnily this disease is highly curable... 
But it lies completely in our hands (and minds)

We have to first recognize that we suffer from this disease and then of course actively seek a cure ...which is the toughest part...
Once we have crossed this, the cure in itself is readily available for us to practice and heal simple that sounds....

There are millions and millions of us out there who suffer from this disease and we don't even know it...
 DO NOT let this disease into your Aware

The weaker you are the stronger hold the N word has over you....this is the susceptibility factor that determines whether you will get infected or not...again I assure you, identification of the cause is the first step towards it's cure...

Cure starts by ingesting daily doses of the healthy P-pill!! Start by practicing Positive all all places....

Does your child hit other kids? Then tell him hands are to be used gently...teach him to stroke a pet...or stroke you when you lie on his lap...

Have Do words...not Dont words...for yourself and for others...

As I struggle to internalize positivity into my life I become aware how subtle this change is...I have to cut myself away from past experiences, I have to sever relationship with current modes of interactions that are negative...I have to constantly work on myself...

Otherwise this disease will infect me....