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Monday, September 10, 2012

Kolam Kolam everywhere, don't know which to pick!

After a long time, I got the threesome to move out on a Sunday morning ....for a horse ride...but even I never expected the morning to turn out so visually amazing.

We decided to stop by at Commercial street to have breakfast and behold our surprise....a riot of colours..
We were in time to see the Rangoli competition conducted by Shri Vidyaranya Yuvaka Sangha, Basavanagudi.

Steady hands, patterns flowing, colour schemes...children could not peel their eyes away, and neither could I!

Some opted for shadow effects and well thought out...

This lady was using a funnel to draw out the patterns, clean neat lines flowed threw her hands

Amazingly fast this lady had finished well within the allotted time, you can imagine how clearly and meticulously she must have planned it...or she could be an old hand!

Lovely colours...a peacock is the inspiration perhaps?

Simple lines, yet a dramatic effect

Ah, intricate lines, stark, but complex

Apparently the winners will be announced on September 27th, check this out 

Following very closely with the nationwide call to all, by Pratham Books to mark International Literacy day, to read and share the book Susheela's Kolams (here seen on the blog Saffron Tree) on 8th September, I thought it  apt to share these pictures with you...

Single handed, these women poured their creativity onto the streets of Bangalore, must say Kudos to the organisers and a small pat and smile for myself for being there at the right time...