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Thursday, May 22, 2008

inspire a story

Story telling is part theatre, part history, part education... a visual media. It differs from other forms of theatre, in the way we present it. The interaction between the audience and the teller is an integral part and important part of the process. The script changes with every performance, depending on the inputs that the audience gives us. So the same story can have many variations.
My first story was 'Rupa the Elephant.' We had to prepare a story as a part of our certificate course at Kathalaya.
I wanted it to be 'Rupa', as I have told this story to my children a million times and know that it will be a sure shot hit. For me every story is a process...i think out the story, even if I have the book or story at hand I need to write(read that as -type, as we are in the computer age!) it out and then have my own script, and then prepare the props, add the sound effects and conclusions,etc... As I type out my story I visualise how to present the same to the children and literally can feel the kind of props I would require.
I love to explore the different mediums in story telling, Chithrakathas, Stick puppets, Hand puppets, story boards.
The easiest to make are stick puppets, hand puppets require a lot of practice. My forte is in using a lot of voice modulations and facial expressions along with my puppets.
Coming back to Rupa, I made a story box. That is a box with the primary characters cut out and displayed (as and when they come into the picture), like a mini theatre, with stationary characters.
The children loved it and till date it remains my signature story! Now I have added a song to it, which really catches their attention.
Its amazing how a simple story told in such a manner can inspire children, my own are living proof of that.
Have you inspired your children, or family members with a story? Tell me.

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  1. Absolutely enjoy reading the narrator's narratives! Keep on!