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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bhasmasuran- Fun to tell

The story of Bhasmasuran and Mohini is generations old, most probably its origin can be traced to the Mahabharatha ( I am not sure) but I know a very similar story does exist in it. Any way this story is one of my favourites, (published by NBP, Nehru Bal Pusthakalaya), an old copy exists with me.
(Just going off the track, want to mention how we thamizh, like our spellings well rounded, any one else will spell Bhasmasuran as Bhasmasura, and Pustakalaya as Pustakalay...but i just cant do it!!)

Now, where was I? Yes, I enjoy telling this story, for which I have made a pretty Mohini puppet with paper and a large Bhasmasuran with thermocol, wool and paper. He actually looks funny, rather than scary. That's how I wanted it. Its done the rounds so is slightly worse for wear, but, the story enthralls my audience, who love the end.
Indian stories are so much fun to tell. An interesting site that you can check out to get some Indian stories, shlokas is Raja Thathas corner. Very interesting, simple to navigate and there is a new story uploaded every day. So you can read one and tell them to your children, I do that!
There are many shlokas included as well. So check out the site and get back to me.
(today, some how I am at a loss for words, so my post length is small).

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  1. reminds me of the time my mom made up this never ending story about 7 horses that used to keep me occupied every night till I dozed off!

    Do you do workshops/sessions in Madras?