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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Farewell Ladies!

Another chance to tell a story and I grabbed it, of course this time I was thrust into it. The ladies club wanted a story. With humour, a little about the air force, and a farewell note as well, said the senior lady who approached me. Tall order. A challenge, as I have not told a story to an adult crowd before.
The first point, of course, is: what story?
So that saw me searching and searching and searching... No luck! Desperate now, I came up with my humour (corny) but then we can only laugh at ourselves. So I thought of conferring a degree and an award on the ladies! The degree of the triple "B", and the AVSM.
Whats that? Triple B is awarded for having the Beauty, Brain and Brawn. Ladies in the air force are known for their beauty(ahem!!), and Brain, where else do we need to dish out 5 star fare at dabba rates (that's what I hear from my husband so often!). Didn't get that? That needs explanation: you see we ladies plan the ladies club parties, every second month and for that the hostess group is given a stupendous sum of (hold your breathe) Rs.1200/-. This has to cater for our food, games and gifts. So we really have to exercise those white muscles! The last category is one close to my heart, Brawn. No where else( as packers and movers is a relatively new concept in our forces), will you see the lady, having to go through periodic upheavals, where she has to sort, pack , supervise loading, unloading, unpacking and arranging all their "samaan" almost single handedly as hubby dear does his handing over /taking over ritual!! That's the joy of belonging to the armed forces!!
AVSM was conferred on the ladies for being Awesomely Versatile Superwomen of the Air force!
Where is the story , you'll ask. I'm coming to that. It was the last night before the "Talk", and I still didn't have a story. I was still browsing desperately, when a brain wave struck. The story I was looking for was with me all this while. I unearthed it.
A wonderful tale of friendship, bonding and farewell. The story of the Mountain and the Bird by Alice McFerran, told to us at one of the sessions during my storytelling course.
I wove the tale around them and the magic of the evening was captured by my story!
I enjoyed telling them and they too, enjoyed listening. After all a story is told for the listeners to be enthralled.
Once more a satisfied storyteller!