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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why Celebrate?

What is it about New Year and  a sense of excitement and expectation?
After all (as my husband views it) it is just another day on the calendar. Work, routine, commitments aren't they all the same? So why feel glad for another turn of the day like any other?
Does it work like that for you?
Do you feel that every date or day that we mark significantly on the calendar, be it a festival or an anniversary or a birthday or the first day of another New Year, is actually a physical reminder of the Change that is so much a part of our lives?

The New Year heralds in Change and we need to Acknowledge it: Embrace it, Accept it and learn to Work with it.
Not acknowledging this change makes us stagnant. We need to assess and acknowledge the past and then use that to move forward. Otherwise we will be unable to let go of past practices that have held us back and tied us down. 
As we embrace the new year we plan for what we still have to do. We  sort out what is important and that which can be ignored for now! What seemed important last year may seem totally redundant this year...

Only You can helpYourself! That is the only Reality! That reality is tough to hold onto, tough to follow, but once we find the contentment in that knowledge then answers will flow and decisions become easier to take.

You may say that all this can be done on any day. True, then Mark the day you do it as the first day of the New Year!!

 Do we need these reminders?
Yes we do! 
As we hurry and burry about our daily lives we need such reminders to acknowledge The Human Energy. When we wish someone on their birthday we are sending them positive energy to add to their energy cache. When we get wished, our cup of energy fills up. When we wish couples on their anniversary we are adding to their combined energy cup! 
Every wish is a positive thought, a postive wave of energy that we send to another.
So it is well that you wish well.....

As I write this it is a reminder to myself to remember all those birthdays and anniversaries that I do forget....
..... let me remember to send some positive thoughts to the people I hold dear, even if not on the day that is meant for them....atleast on the day I do remember!!