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Friday, April 9, 2010

Haven for birds

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In this concrete world, if we get a chance to just get out and see some water, trees, and birds then we have to grab that opportunity.
Between Kanpur and Lucknow lies Nawabgunj Bird sanctuary and the best time to visit is between November and March.
We were a wee bit late having gone there in April. Yet we got to see around 24 different types of birds.
Having Not packed the Bird Book (we have many but I like Salim Ali's for its clear descriptions), we had to rely on my husband who is any way a walking Bird Book.
Somehow just spending 3 hours roaming around trying to spot birds and identify them through their calls, fulfills you, with a feeling of a day well spent.
It was a hot day, but the green foliage covered our path.

The monkeys though, gave my daughter some anxious moments.

The highlight was when we spotted the black headed Oriole. In fact we heard their call( my husband pointed it out) and then we tracked them around. Finally to our delight we spotted a pair swooping around the trees, as they were chasing away the crow...



  1. looks like u had a great time.... nice you could go to the sanctuary!

  2. Must have been theraupetic to see greenery and nature. but is it not hot there in kanpur and lucknow?.