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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Together we Aspire new Futures

Children are the future of our country.

Watching CNN-IBN hero Anuradha and her fight for girls in Nepal from trafficking, moved me beyond words.
She asks a simple question
"Can you see your daughter in my girls?"

I do, but for this I can only cry.

Narayana Murthy says that we must provide Real heroes to our children, to live values that they can emulate.

I want to, so for this I can only try.


Children in Orphanges grow up with a disconnect. Unless they are lucky enough to be in a nurturing environment.
They need real Heroes to show them that they too can create new futures and possibilities. As a part of of a leadership programme that I am doing, my project is about taking Real Heroes/Heroines who grew up in Orphanages and have them share their success and failures with other children who are now growing in a similar environment.

I am looking for people who have become successful in spite of growing up in Orphanages. They should be willing to share their story as well.

I am using my blog to reach out to you for help. If you know of someone who would like to be a part of my project,which I call "Together we Aspire new Futures", please get in touch with me: