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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Children's day Story

Children's day Story at Brainvilla library, amidst dragons, tigers, dancing lions and a gigantic Garuda.
Iliana's Quest ( Audio story) that I got from the net. The props got more affection than the story of course!

It always makes me wonder how we as adults appreciate that age of innocence (not any more), only much later.
One child who couldnt make it for the story, dropped by the library that evening and pestered me for the story. Even though I showed my (mock) displeasure, as she had not joined us that morning,I was quite happy to give her the brief outline...happy that this time it was the story and not the craft!

Imaginative tale of adventure, discovery, happiness, and sense of wonder and imagination...even if one child chooses not to loose this in the future, I will be delighted.