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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Loads of Fun and Learning!

My first post for NewYear. Happy 2012 to you all!
May it grow and help us in its Growing and Learning!!
I believe the greatest death of a soul is when it stops learning and wanting to learn! The greatest gift we can give ourselves is the joy of discovery, starting from the self and going beyond! Do you agree with me ?!

Well I finished 2011 with a flourish...

3 Days of puppet making, stories, games and Edutainment in December!

Some like to listen
Some like to do
Some like to watch
Some like to glue!
Some like the chaos
Some are calm in that too!
Some wander away
Some are deeply involved
But when children are interested, there is no other better space!!

It was great fun and learning for me too, to plan a 3 day winter workshop at Brainvilla Library.

Last October; in the Dussehra Workshop, I had planned a 5 day workshop with elements of science, stories, art, craft and junk art, as it is important to keep children's interest going, and provide them a varied spectrum of activities, catering to different age groups as well.

In December, for the Winter workshop I decided I wanted it to be purely a self exploratory, listening and doing kind of workshop. So there were games for critical thinking and group think, stories( this time I took the current favorite author Julia Donaldson's stories: Monkey's Puzzle and the The Smartest Giant in town.), we made 3 puppets (they came out so well!!), and I even finished off with children taking turns behind a screen, learning how to present their puppets!  

All in all a super time.

Watch out for the next post as this year I plan to share my thoughts on workshop planning and execution with you all...
catch you later