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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

About Ear worms and Happiness

Ear worm, is the word my husband popped into my mind before leaving for work; apparently BBC had an article about these things...
 ....Ear worm is music that stays with you, in your mind and in your ears, through the day; like a flea on the dog's back, impossible to shake away...
so I guess we have to shake to it...

Today I woke up with this Ear worm:
Happiness, Happiness is making people Happy....

 I can't shake it off...I just Cant...

But I have to analyse this too..

Is happiness really about making people Happy...though this preschool diddle is meant to make the little ones more pliant and better behaved..I feel it doesn't convey all what happiness really is about
I guess it should read...
Happiness, Happiness is making myself Happy....

But then this can trigger off thoughts like what if squishing insects makes me happy...or if tearing up my sister's favorite book makes me happy....hmmm..then we have a serious issue at hand....

Yet for the most part of us, which is not wallowing in irrational anger or unhappiness...happiness is really unearthing those simple thoughts and feeling happy
Happiness is an experience
Happiness is an engagement
Happiness is the cooing and gurgling sound of the soft and sweet baby
Happiness is the full throated laughter of a baby playing peek-a-boo
Happiness is children when they love to be with you
Happiness is when children are teaching you
Happiness is when children are enjoying what they do
Happiness is when children are in discovery.

Happiness is watching the moon and sharing it (if possible) with someone you love too
Happiness is delicious conversations with another soul
Happiness is seeing joy in your parent
Happiness is being healthy
Happiness is a joke that is shared
Happiness is the breeze that cools me when we take a drive to somewhere.

Happiness is food, the sweet sweet melon (that takes my breathe away every time),or even the roasty crisp potatoes with curd rice, or the sinful chocolate sundae/banana split.
Happiness is so simple, yet what we spend our lifetime searching for; outside...if we only learnt that the trick is to look within earlier, we would be Happier by far