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Friday, November 23, 2012

Badami- A glimpse

A sense of peace prevailed here. Having driven from Bijapur back to Badami, through a road which is seldom followed by tourists, we gazed with awe at the ethereal beauty of the Badami Caves.

The journey here was an adventure in itself and I whole heartedly thank my husband for pushing himself, taking change in his stride and getting us to this place safely

It was touch and go. 
We left Bijapur late, around 3.30pm. Light fades fast in November and a sense of urgency prevailed as we had to get to see the cave temples before closing time and we had no clue whether it was 5, or later.  

People are extremely nice and helpful here, and as we pressed on, asking for directions to get to Badami, one vehicle driver, decided to take a detour and guide us himself. That saved us an hour! 

We really did not know if we were heading in the right direction...but we reached finally. The town was a hustle-bustle and though we could see rocky crags we could not make out where and how the temples would emerge. Through a narrow road, and then there we were... 
It was really beautiful!!

Calm, Serene, and immensely peaceful. We reached Badami Cave Temples, just in time, with half an hour before closing time (It closes at 6).

The Bhoothnath temple-Badami 

Vishnu, Shiva, and Jain Cave temples built by the Chalukyas during the late 6th or 7th century can be found here. 

I tried my hand at composing..he he...and it looks beautiful!

The Agasthya lake in between and the temples carved into the rock face around were a stark contrast to the monuments at Bijapur.
Children were quite bewitched by the rocky caves and kept taking pictures from every possible angle.
As you can see, the photographs look very hazy, as the sun had set, and we managed a few shots with the natural light available.

I felt sad we could be there only for half an hour, but now Pattadakkal/ Aihole remains to be seen...

I have no stories to tell as well, alas, no guide, no time...

Hope we can revisit these places again and this time I hope to have more family with me, as they enjoy history as much as I do.