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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ganesha's Mango..errr...or should I say Street smart?!

Ganesha is reading a book in his own personal library when his younger brother Karthik enters:
"Hey dude, I am planning to ask Siddhi-Buddhi from Temple Street out on a date. What do you think?"
"No way man, I have already asked them to keep themselves free this weekend, I am planning to take them to see a dance programme at Mount Kailash."
"That's not fair. How come you always get what I want? Hey...thats the last Mango of the season, you have finished that too?". I have had enough; I challenge you to a competition, a race around the world, and whoever wins will take Siddhi-Buddhi to the programme. Are you game?"

"Hmm...a  race is just not my thing...Look at my steed, a puny mouse, while yours is a sleek peacock. I know you will win hands down."
"Tough Luck Bro. That's not my problem; come on, I am off. The person who travels around the world and reaches back here is the winner."

While Kartik, jumps on to his peacock and struts off around the world, our dear Ganesha has not moved an inch.

"Well, I traveled the world and I am back. I win" says Karthik, the cool dude 

"Well I have traveled the world too, test me if you want"

"I am sure you did not move an inch from here, let me ask you then....did you see the Himalayas? Tell me how it looks."

 Then Ganesha describes the incredible beauty of the MahaParvath. The majestic grandeur, the minute details, leaving Karthik spell bound.

" Hmmm, that's some description! I even saw the the Corals of the Great Barrier Reef, tell me, did you see that?"
"Oh Yes I did", and Ganesha painted the whole undersea picture in words.

" Oh Man, this is too much, How did you do this sitting here?!"
" Simple, I read all the stories in these books!"

Karthik the adventurer, impressed with Ganesha's methodology, sat down and immersed himself in the fantastic collection of books and all but forgot about the girls and the competition he had started off. Maybe it will come up another day!!

All credits for this adaptation to 
By far the cheekiest and best adaptation of a story from mythology. I have taken the liberty to further include my own dialogues, interpretations and imagination. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did.