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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We meet again!

Yes it was the second meeting of BSN! @ Thalam in Domlur on 30th July 2013

Bangalore Storytelling Network is creating a space for adult story tellers. This time it was a smaller group, but we shared great stories. I heard an Arabian folktale  and a Jewish folktale, a very engrossing and looong story from South India, a myth actually, then a children's tale and finally a wonderful episode from the Mahabharata. (I told a very contemporary myth from Tibet, written by a Shambala Sangha member.)

The episode from Mahabharatha was taken from the book, The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, and speaks about the beginning of the story of stories...and that it was all for a glass of milk...kept us engrossed for quite some time as any story from Indian mythology does, as it is so rich in metaphor (Thanks Neeta). It is difficult not to sit and ponder over the fact that when we actually trace the source of a gigantic manifested problem, it would have in fact started as an innocuous issue.
Looking for metaphors and the meaning behind stories is always fun.

In fact we have taken this as an important aspect of our storytelling make discussions on metaphors as an important element of our meetings. I wont give away the we are planning to perform them soon at a very happening venue till then wait and watch for highlights and pictures of stories that we will tell!

Till then enjoy these pictures from the Meet Up