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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Are You on that Train?

Are you on that train?
Rushing by.
Moving so fast 
I can scarcely see.

The sounds and sights
Wooshing by
I look on
A silent spectator.

I strain and stretch
To catch glimpses
Of you 
As it flashes by.

I wave, I smile
I sigh, I cry
I am here
but you go there.

I know my thoughts
But know not yours
Where is the time?
to stop and share 

I too move on
On wheels 
That seem so slow
Almost surreal.

Memories and moments
roll by me
As I pick and choose some
to cherish and see

We know not 
where we meet

If we will 
It may not be here...or there
Or it could well be nowhere