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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Joy Ride - a short story

Joy Ride

The door closed silently as he watched mesmerised. Everything looked bright and shiny. Mother pushed him to the seat, but he clung on to the central rod and watched mother’s hands glide down the metal rod running along the roof. He lifted his hand and pointed to the rod. Mother lifted him up and he held on, swinging from the rod like spiderman. A wide smile broke out on his face as he hung on, oblivious to the announcements that were made rhythmically. The seats were all full and mother had to just stand there next to him till their stop arrived, but she did not mind.

The metro train glided smoothly into the station and doors swooshed open once again. Mother signed the name of the station to him with her fingers as they stepped carefully across the open automatic door and onto the Indra Nagar platform. He had so many questions to ask. She signed back patiently, knowing his curious, alert mind needed to be kept engaged.

He would not move from there till he could see the end of the last coach disappear around the edge. They watched as it left in a flurry of silent movement. Finally they turned and walked out of the station and stopped a passing auto as they still had to reach school. This was their routine almost every day since the new metro rail had come; a joy ride to reach his school.

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