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Monday, December 9, 2019

Crocodile Craves Chocolates - a story about Food Craving!!

This is a story written for Muktha Foundation Life Skills Programme, which talks about Food Craving and what it did to Very Hungry Crocodile!

Once upon a time there was a Very Hungry Crocodile. He lived in a river filled with all the delicious and yummy food that crocodiles like to eat - yes! ...fishes and crabs and all that swims and is fishy. 
But Very Hungry Crocodile did not like all this. He had a deep deep wish to eat Chocolates- big big bars of chocolates and Chips - crispy crispy chips.

You can ask me “How does a Crocodile know about chocolates and chips?”
Let me tell you that in the river humans had thrown packets of chips and chocolates and he had licked every one of the chocolate wrapper and the salty chips. Now he did not want to eat anything else. He wanted to eat only Chocolate and Chips. 

That night Very Hungry Crocodile prayed to the River fairy. “Please change all the fishes to chocolate and all the crabs to chips packets”.

The River Fairy was in a good mood and she did just that.
When Very Hungry Crocodile swam into the river the next day, he saw Chips and Chocolates floating everywhere! 
“ Woohooo, Chips and Chocolate everywhere (2 times) 
He swallowed as many as he could see. Chips in their packets, chocolates in their wrappers. He ate and ate and ate!
“I think I am sick” said VH Crocodile. “I feel my stomach burning and it feels as if it is full of stones and my throat is burning terribly”.
He could barely move as he lay on the side of the river feeling like he had a huge mountain on his belly.

"What is happening to me? Oh why did I eat all those chips and chocolates? I am a Very Silly Crocodile."

Dr. Tortoise was called and she looked at very silly Crocodile and said: 
“Hmmm.... Chocolate and chips are not good food, they are called junk. They go inside and make you feel sick. They go inside and turn your inside upside down. Crocodile must eat Crocodile food like fish and crabs to stay healthy. Chips and Chocolates are treats that you must have only once a week”

Big crocodile tears did Crocodile shed for his stomach hurt, while Dr. Tortoise gave him the yuckiest medicine to make him alright :(

That night he prayed and prayed to the River fairy to turn everything back to how it was and to make all the fishes and crabs come back.

Fish Fairy was feeling sorry for Crocodile but fairies never undo a wish so easily...she told Crocodile he would have to remove all the chips and chocolates and collect them in a big bag and then only she would bring back the crab and fishes to the river. 
Poor Crocodile with his stomach hurting spent the whole day collecting packets of chips and chocolate from the river. He went to sleep that night
exhausted and hungry.
When he woke up the next day he couldn't believe his eyes, crabs and fishes were back in the river! Yaay
Happily Very Hungry Crocodile set off to eat his favorite Fish and Crab.

From that day onwards Crocodile always remembered how horrible he felt eating all that junk and also picking up all that junk from the river :(
He said:
“Good, clean and healthy food never hurts the tummy. I say no to Junk”

~~ enjoy this story by ssstoryteller~

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