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Sunday, April 26, 2009


illusions is reality,
It is,
in the love we feel
in the lust we experience
in the ambitions we hold
and in the dreams we dream.

In the memories we cherish
in the hopes we dwell
in the maturity we think we possess
in the words we use to communicate
...and the words we understand.

In the past that we need to reconcile on
in the present moment that we live in
and in the future that we aspire for

in the choices we make
in the path that we follow
and in the roles that we play and choose to play

It's in the decisions that drive us
in the expectations that control us
and in the regrets that saddens us

It's in the demeanor that we don
in the facade that we project to the world
in the feelings that we express
in the thoughts that we wish to convey..

It's in how we can survive
and in how we want to die...
Does reality exist?
Life is an illusion, and you and I live in a dream...