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Monday, August 24, 2009

Picture perfect!!

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As I sit inside my guilded cage, I cannot but admire what I see outside. I have yet to move my posterior, to venture out, and search for the work that I know exists out there. I sit inside my self made enclosure and look at the world...
And hey, its beautiful!!
It rains occasionally, to give us reprieve from the sweltering heat. I sit with my book on the 1887 mutiny and read about Cawnpore and Meerut, of Ladies and Sahib-loges and I can feel that atmosphere here in these quarters (!) that we call our home now.

I decide to capture some of it. The Hibiscus is overrun by enormous honey bees. It was a sight to behold. Every flower had a bee thirstily drinking away at its nectar.
The rain through the mesh doors, cascading water, verdant colours. Breathtaking!!
If this not inspiration, then what else??!!

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  1. nice to know your apprehension of the new place are diminishing.

  2. superb di! oh i love the rain pics.
    what a new energy you've poured into this new format!


  3. gorgeous view...i can just hear the rain and man..i never thought bees cud look that beautiful..lovely view u got thr.. im soo envious! lol.