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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Amazing Storyteller

Story teller: Carmen Agra Deedy, tells a personal story with her own twists and turns. The cuban accent, the flow of words, the humour and the message at the end, truly takes us through a voyage of thoughts and imagination.
She tells us a simple story of her Nonagenarian mother, taking the car out on the sly, and making her a part of this mayhem!!
She holds the audience in her grip. Weaving such a vivid picture and with such humour. To Tell a story with so many nuances is really a skill!
I felt the words have been delivered slightly fast, but then so are we Indians accused of talking too fast!

Story telling and stories...
Any one who is fascinated by both must see this..she is amazing...

There are many such Tellers even in our own families. True they may not tell so precisely or with such coherence, yet Story telling is in born in most Humans.

Grandmothers are known for their storytelling skill. Ask any one they will tell you that having a grandmother at home is such a boon, as Story telling duties can be promptly handed over to them!
Myths and Legends, Folktales and Riddles, grandmothers seem to have acquired a stache of such valuable information over the years!!
My grandmother too was one such story teller, and we used to look forward to cuddling up next to her at night and listen to her stories. We would throw our legs on top of her,(quite), well proportioned tummy and rest our cheeks on her shoulder as she would start the session with some prayers, and then follow it up with a story. Usually half way through she would doze off(hahah!!),and we would have to prod or nudge her to continue!
At other times she would go off at a tangent, mixing up stories as she was actually half asleep!! We would happily scold her, tell her she had the story all wrong and correct her...
I remember many riddles and jokes that she used to crack during these times, and of course the stories. They were the regular ones, from Krishna Avatar or Ramayana or Mahabharatha..yet what remains with me now is the magic that was created as we cuddled close to her and listened to her voice as it pleasantly vibrated through us.

There is nothing as beautiful as Oral Story telling tradition, people nowadays don't realise that it is one of the most meaningful ways to connect with children...


  1. Oh yes, i really wish i could tell stories to my kid and make up stories as well. but somehow, it never comes off really well. Personally, for me, my grandmom were away from me and unfortunately i could not experience the magic of stories from grand mom.. wish it had been different..

  2. nicely said sow.
    i think g'ma's lap just feels so secure & comfy, anything said (even a conversation betn g'pa & a lawyer) would string into a story. :) that said, i'd like to hear Deedy's g'ma :)

  3. come i never heard these stories...i think by the time i was born patti go bored telling the stories !! :))