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Monday, November 30, 2009

Questions for myself

What are we afraid of?
Afraid that we may not be giving our best to our children
Afraid that we are not helping them realise their potential.
Afraid that they will not make the right choices
Afraid they will commit the same mistakes that we did
Afraid that we may be judged as inadequate parents

What is fear that we use subtly and sometimes so blatantly?
Isn't this the fear that raised us?
Why pass it on to our future?
Why make our children a reflection of ourselves?
Can they never make mistakes? Should we never make mistakes?
Why teach righteousness, when nothing is black and white, and everything is in shades of gray?

Why this anger?
Where does it come from?
Who is it directed against?

What is education if it cannot make a person self confident?
Isn't education a system of comparison?
Are we teaching/learning life skills?
What use is this redundant education?

Where is this pursuit taking us if we cannot live this moment in happiness?
What is this happiness?
Is it a thing, a person, a job, a commitment, a fulfillment?

Am I defined by what I do now, or what I leave behind?

What am I?