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Saturday, May 15, 2010

~Scripts that we read ~

I have made many comments on Roles we play.
Every individual in his lifetime plays many roles... and so on and so forth....

But have you ever heard the Scripts?

Have you heard yourself at any time?
Actually Heard yourself as you repeat statements that have been fed to you over time. Stuffed inside your head, forcing you to say them at the appropriate time.
"do your duty"
"try and satisfy them/their(others) needs "
"obey your elders"
"dont speak when elders are speaking"
"dont talk back "

I am sure there are many many more such statements that we spew forth in our effort to correct and educate.

These are scripts that we have heard and we store in ourselves and that we automatically use in a situation that is deemed appropriate.
Every role has a script and this is my crib for today.

Why do we use these words and patterns of expression?
Individuals need to break free from such confining words and attitudes. Roles restrict us and we tend to play the part without understanding the content.
So also, we say  the words but we dont actually understand the impact of the words or the need for the words or the fact that the words can be phrased in a different way to convey the same meaning.

Yet again we need to question the meaning behind these confining words as well.

What is duty?
Is duty a blind obediance to age and authority?
Then when do we teach children to question authority that is corrupt or simply questionable?
Dont you think that sometimes by asking someone to be dutiful...we are actually instilling a fear, a fear of transgression?

Why try and satisfy a need in the other when we are dissatisfied ourselves.
Blind obediance is worse than slavery in my mind.
Expression and Speech if curtailed is a loss of a fundamental right!!

I know this topic is too complex and intricate to be sorted out here entirely.
What I wish to do is not provide any quick fixes, but to raise an issue on how Patterns of Speech corrupt our thoughts into believing in its truth and invariance.

Rewrite the script folks, try to give the future a different perspective, a just and fair one for sure, not one biased by cliches.

(This is not to say I dont indulge in such cliched speech, I do..
...but it is only today that I became aware of it and its impact...)