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Monday, May 31, 2010

Vacations...the end is near!

Our vacation is coming to an end.
Lazy mornings spent rolling in bed with cousins.
Half the day is done for the other members. Fathers have gone to work (poor dears, have no vacation like we do, isnt it?). Mothers insisting that it is time to wake up.
"C'mon, holidays doesn't mean you can sleep forever.Get up and brush your teeth. When will you have breakfast? At 11.00 O'clock?

"Please ma/chithi(aunty), dont open that curtain, just 5 minutes more."

Then when you come back, you find one reading a book (yes without brushing!), another hanging upside down from the bed playing with a toy, and a third with the sheet pulled right over, trying to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep!!

The lazy morning stretches into a lazy day. Late breakfast, a leisurely lunch interspersed with play, books,and T.V, and then more play, books and T.V!

This sounds familiar?
Well that's how we have spent the last 3 weeks. I was the chief bugle blower and entertainer. Waking them up and generally cattle prodding them to move and make their way through the usual morning motions. Seeing they get their daily rations, so ably prepared by my mum and over-seered by sis.

Taking them out almost every day inspite of the heat was also my job. Still I could not get them to the museum, but we did log the Guindy park, Marina beach (many times), crocodile bank and even the St.Mary's church inside Fort St.George.
I would have liked to take them to the museum but somehow this got vetoed every time. Maybe when they are a little older they will appreciate an outing there....maybe not!
Some great story telling sessions and the kids were inspired to make up their own small skit, which they enacted to us. A funny one about a lazy dentist. dearth of it!

Eating out, pizzas, icecreams, cold drinks. Children have it made nowadys and it appears that we too dont mind at all.
As this vacation comes to an end, it is impossible not to reminiscise on other vacations, especially my childhood ones....

Well you can wait for the sequel!

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