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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year is in!

New year is in!

You know I am this nostalgia freak, so here I go again!

New year eve, was a blast when growing up. We either went to someone's house, or we had people home, or if my father could not get people home because they were doing things at their home, then the family gathered together and that crowd is enough to fill a mini bus, I assure you.

He would catch all cousins and relatives passing through, invite them over and make it an occasion! Regardless of that fact that slightly grown up occupants in the house would like to make other in my Uncles or myself for that matter!! He would pout...and we would all tow the line, oblige him by pulling ourselves over to the drawing room for a fun filled New Year Bash.

This Bash , ran along the same lines almost every year!!

( I am going to be pulled up for this post!! But hey, I realised today, Jan 1st 2011, that I have some more white hairs and that entails me to a bit more honesty!)

Food...from my mothers fragrant kitchen ( many times potluck, as my aunts pitched in)

Nostalgia...from everyone's lips,as you will be aware by now, my father's friends and family were usually old( ok, so I get it from there!)

Music...was live; as all those who could sing, would not sing, could not sing, did sing, did not sing, did not want to sing were made to sing!!

Dance...accompanied the singing, usually this was lead by a contigent of the tiny tots in the house.

Stories abounded, bonding abounded!

Now lets cut to after wards....

The first new year after marriage was great.....we slept in!

Over the years depending on my mood, or the place we are living in at that time, we either join a group, or we don't.
Left to my partner; we don't, and left to me; we do!

This year my daughter wanted to bake a cake, and I did it for her. In spite of a splitting headache and a reluctant hand. I was not the epitome of happiness when I did it. And she knew that. Yet she was patient and gentle with me.
The cake came out well, well...she liked it, or did she say that to make me happy? I wonder.

Any occasion, is very well that. These days and dates are reminders to us to apply that break. To take a look at the past, present and future. To reorient ourselves to reality and future possibilities. We can do it on any day, why you can do it on Jan 5th and make it the New year...

Yet the message in this is that we take a day for ourselves to assess, evaluate and assimilate be with ourselves and our dream new possibilities and opportunities for reinvent a new way of living for ourselves... every New Year....

Start afresh with new hopes....
Happy New Year!


  1. Here's another nostalgia-freak wishing you a very Happy New Year Sowmya!

  2. you know what, i just realised that the new year post i had scheduled on my blog hadnt got published at all! so instead let me wish u and ur family a very happy new year now! am a nostalgia freak too, but new year doesnt really feature there, as i am the a-social one!!