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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sibling Bonding

"Amma, he is putting his foot in my mouth!"

"Amma, he is not letting me into the bathroom"!

"Amma, he is kicking me"

"Amma he has taken my pencil"

"Amma he is trying to remove my panties!!!!!"

"Amma she is calling me cheeky( as in chubby cheeks!!)!"

"Amma she is staring at me"

"Amma she is teasing me"

"Amma she is irritating me"

"Amma he is an idiot, pig, I hate him"

"Amma ask her to get out of the house...."

Hullo.....What do we have here??!

They torment and trouble each other, they fuss and fight, they argue and crib...they are a circus pantomime with-all-the-sound-effects act.

I wonder how and where we are heading with this. I am ineffectual as you can see. Poor disciplinarian. I am either pacifying one or the other. Or at other times, just plain give up and ask them to please take a knife and kill each other...

Ok...I know that's rotten and not to be said at any given time....but I go berserk at times...and so you know where they get it from...and so on and so forth...and the vicious cycle goes on....

Yet there is hope...
(Isn't my blog about that always??!!)

I see the two finally in bed.

"Amma story, story", says the younger brat.

"Not today, I am not happy with your behaviour " I say, in my best supercilious tone.

"Ok, then U will tell me"

Hey hold on, what's going on here??!...


He just turns to the most hated occupant of the house and asks her to tell a story...( I don't even hear a please, or maybe the tone has it).

And she does.

It's tata-bye bye mommy and happy times for the twosome.

Wow, they can do a turnabout I think.

Here is another...

Somewhere in the middle of the day, He actually serves her with a bowl of sweets, and she says...hold your breathe...
"Love u da"

Whoa, that's a bombshell in my ears....

Happy and delighted...sure, definitely!!

Then, what is that other rigmarole all about??

Sibling Bonding??