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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inner peace

I feel I could write about this on million rolls of paper....and still feel I have just started, skimmed the creamy layer to say!
lifeunderthesky said that our kids will find it on their own...Oh How true. To tell you how it goes at my home...

I decided to have a chat with my son on this topic. Why him, you could ask. Well... simply said ...I am frustrated that I cannot enroll him into any other than TV watching as his daytime pastime. Other than cricket and some running around, he just wants to stay glued to it.
So I spoke to him about Po,(he knows Kung fu panda very well, as Father and son have spent countless hours watching the movies)...about finding Inner peace, by engaging in some activity ( meaningful) and finding joy and happiness in doing it...

Not difficult to guess by now, what he said...
He gives me a patient hearing and then a straight look, and says
" Yea, that's in watching TV for me!!"

Hey, kids nowadays are way too smart!