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Monday, June 20, 2011

interesting living

I've been pretty blank these days. Sometimes I jump up, run to the computer, only to stare blankly at the screen.
What do I write? What thought? What feeling to share?


I feel like the the blip on the Heart and Lung Machine. That cliched visual we see so often in any of our classic tamil or hindi movies.

blip blip blank.................

Yet so many things are happening with me...
A new job. (I am still wondering if I am at the right place!)
new ideas on what kids can be involved in
new found energy, as I manage home and work
new skills to be learnt as I tackle the excel sheet

Yet a sense of meaningless pervades this new sense of meaning that I have created for myself.

humans think too much, analyse too much, dwell too much, expect too much,

yet what else makes interesting living?!

we all find our Zen in something.
for some it is in books and reading
for some in music and listening....or singing
for some it is in being could be human or it could be of the animal variety.
for some it is with plants and the non-human living things
for some it is with kids
for some it is in caring
for some it is in sharing
for some it is in painting
for many it is in doing
for some it is in their work and job ( the luckiest!)
for some in writing
and so many never find their Zen and forever wander in search of that inner peace( Po style!)

by now you would get that by Zen I mean Inner peace...

go find it..and teach your kids that's the greatest learning for life