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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Success and Failure

Here is a story You have to on the link below..and don't read my blog till you finish reading this:

 Success and Failure is something close to my heart
Why do we have narrow confining views on what this is?

Is Success about having a lump some in your bank account?
or is it about  following your vision?

Is it as linear as we want it to be?
or is it achievable even if we take many diversions and have many reinventions on the way?

What does this success mean if it is at the cost of being happy?

Why is Failure so repugnant that we fear to experience it?
We fear to expose our children to it?

It's known by almost everyone that the learning we gain from Failure is far greater than what we gain from only Success.

In fact if I look at it in one way I can even say lets learn to rejoice and celebrate Failure (where and why the shame?)
Where is the humiliation when every time You Fail while doing something you are told it is a message; that something you are doing is not working, so lets find out How You (or I ) can make this work...get it done...

Failure is just a way that Life is telling you

a) You may have not worked hard enough (Effort)
b) You may not have chosen correctly (Vision)
 c) You need to try another way (Endeavor)

The Blog Link I have shared above is my Uncle's, a unique individual, whose story even I had not understood till now...
Thanks Chithappa, You have really opened another world of understanding for me