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Monday, March 17, 2014

Are you looking for Happiness?

How simple this sounds!

If you wish to be happier, be humble says Gary Zukav, (yes, he is the one who wrote the best seller, "Dancing Wu Li Masters", a book that interprets Quantum Physics in all its metaphysical ways!!)

I came across this book DWLM ( Hmmm...I am a true Indian with a penchant for acronyms), when I was studying and then later once more on my husbands book shelf.

It is a tough read, as the technical aspects of Quantum physics went way over my head, and so I cannot imagine the same person has authored such an article or has gone on to form an organisation that goes by the name : Seat of the Soul Institute.

But you must read this article: is it possible to practice, Humbleness, Forgiveness, Love and Clarity?

I understand what he says but becoming such a transcendental soul is soooo difficult.

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