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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Stop telling yourself you are not enough
Stop comparing yourself with anyone at all
Stop examining your strengths and weaknesses
Stop all those voices that constantly make you feel less.

How many of us can truly say we are free from comparison and judgement? How many of us can truly say we are happy exactly the way we are? How many of us love ourselves and our lives unconditionally?

Very few of us.

Especially not me.

This blog post is not to dissect myself or my life. But to share my concern.

Everywhere I read philosophers and healers talking about being present and loving ourself unconditionally. They say be happy, show gratitude and rejoice in other's success for it will lead you to yours.

But it is not so easy - in a world that constantly compares and judges you for who you are and the choices they think you are making or not making, it is not easy to show unconditional love. They throw it back.

Forgiveness is thrown back with accusations of cowardice. Kindness is dissected with suspicion and returned with ridicule. Acceptance is treated as inauthentic and Sensitivity viewed as weakness.

Who creates the benchmark for anything, what determines the success of anyone?

Will being kind, accepting and sensitive ever reach me to my goal?
Do I have to become better than someone else, do I have to prove myself to anyone?

After all it is simply about me, my story and how I want to tell it.


This is an excerpt that was shared by a friend and storyteller: taken from the book
Sita- An Illustrated retelling of the Ramayana by Devdutt Pattanaik

Here is Sita as the Strong, Forgiving, Mindful woman, who understands her role and her source of happiness - convincing Shurpanakha to find her inner peace and happiness.

Thanks to Devdutt Pattanaik and his imagination.