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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stories that Empower - the other story

Ammi midiththu, Arundhati parththu is a saying that is part of the Tamil marriage culture. Arundhati was the wife of Sage Vasishta and meant to be the epitome of pativrata. Traditionally most women like my Grandmother would idolize this role and play their part to the "t", even eating off the same plate!
I wanted to know more about Arundhati and I found a very learned woman who could coach her husband when he had no answers (thats pretty normal and true in most cases!). Yet the story that is amazing here is connected to my opening words...
At the wedding ceremony couples are asked to observe the double stars of Arundhati and Vasishta, (Alcor & Mizar in the Ursa Major constellation). Both these are binary stars visible to the sharp eyes. You would believe couples are asked to look at these stars to signify the union should be like the mythological characters - pure and perfect. Nope, that's not it.

The real reason behind it is that these stars display a unique behaviour. They rotate independently
(unlike other stars) and also revolve around each other. Alcor is a bi-star and Mizar is a quadrupule star. So this amazing star behaviour was understood by astronomers thousands of years ago and the rituals asked you to look at these symbols, so that you too would emulate. Be independent in your union and also interdependent. Learn from nature!

Wow! Mind blown to know the kind of knowledge that existed.