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Monday, June 23, 2008


Goa in October1999

Lush green, meets our eyes
Is this our India, land of grime?
Inescapable, Panaji though is
Hot and humid, dirty and dusty.

Resort life we wanted no part of
As we set off to explore Goa.
Boarded the bus for there to see
Churches and beaches, and Portuguese!

A different world, a foreign one
Of roadside altars and feni bars.
Ladies in frocks, and men in shorts
Funny alien guise for an Indian visage!

Famous churches, more famous beaches
In different hues and different shades.
Some red and sandy
Some rocky and gray
Here white skins frolic in gay abandon
While brown skins watch with quiet amusement!
Honeymooner's paradise
Explorer's delight!

Sunset cruise on the Mandovi
Ringing music on turbulent waters.
Where mountains meet water,
Without bars nor barriers.
Where blue skies merge
With green and glossy foliage.
Here lies such naked beauty
Here lies such virgin purity.

An enchanting time, an enchanted world.
But will it remain
for future generations the same?