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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Writing stories

Now lets talk about writing a story, that's a totally different ball game. Many of us have stories inside us, waiting for the right audience to release it! Blogs are wonderful spaces for clandestine writers like me who fear feedback so much, we cant share it. It took a lot of courage on my part to release it to my audience, and I am glad I don't have to face them.
One needs to be inspired or suppressed enough to write! You may wonder at this dichotomy, but I know it holds true.
I draw inspiration from Sudha Murthy, yes our own Goddess of Good! Silly name but I say it with fondness, because I have personally benefited from her goodness, and any one who I keep on the pedestal and I am in awe of, I call Goddess!
I happened to read her book, "How I taught My Grandmother to Read and other stories" Simple, lucid and direct, to the point that I felt I could have written each and every one of them. I dedicate my amateur efforts totally to her!
She takes very ordinary, day to day events and people, and presents them to us in her typical forthright manner. Being an uncomplicated person, thats what appealed to me and launched me off on an exciting, catharatic journey with words.
The other aspect that goads creativity is supression! You may wonder how and why, but history records and I confirm that when one is unable to express oneself freely, creativity with words flows abundantly. So also with me. So now that there is freedom I wonder whether i will be as creative?!
Any incident can become a story. So in my quest for stories I encounter interesting discoveries and understanding.
Hear ye, Hear Ye! Lets Swap some stories