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Monday, June 23, 2008


Vijayanagar/Hampi:October 2000

The Royal Rayas and their splendid kingdom
Spread over the valley of Tunga in great abundance.
From Vittala to Virupaksha
From Lotus Mahal to Bhima's Gate.
We amazed at the expanse,
We admired the extent.
Kings and Queens,
Ministers and Subjects
Once tread this soil
Shared the ground we stand!
Oh! For those romantic times;
Of poetry in stone
Of language in art
Of wars won and lost
Of lovers new and past.
Of rulers who become monarchs
Of maids who become queens.
We were transported in time, standing amidst the ruins,
Thinking thoughts of the splendor...and the fall.
Wondering at the enormity, saddened by the pall.

Would I go back in time
Not at all....maybe?!!