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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Arul's "Little Monster"

Guess what I did this week for my story session. Yes, you are absolutely right! I did "Little Monster". Arul's maiden venture into the world of magical story writing. It was simply a great hit!
The children from all 7 classes, just lapped it up like cream. They connected with all the characters and names, especially "Snewalot", from where the wicked witch comes, was one of their favorites.I just had the book with me this time, and drew the 3 main protagonists on some colored paper, just so that the kids could see it in a bigger frame.
Not one class would let me stop. If there were any interruptions then some other child would shush him/her up and say, "Please Aunty, continue!"
I stopped at chapter 9 drawing loud protests from all, and said "To be continued". "No aunty, don't stop, not fair", were all the words hurled at me. Sweet Pleasure!
Children showed a good grasp of vocabulary, they knew, "quest", "armor", "gargoyle" etc
I also learned that there were many in the class who wrote stories, poems. Children nowadays have great opportunities, they only need to utilize them well and channelize into the right path.
Arul is lucky to have a grandfather who converted his creativity into some thing so tangible and concrete. Not everyone has that chance.
I continue the story next week and I have promised the children that they can go through the printed book slowly.
What a win-win situation for me.I'm lucky to find work that I love to do!

Footnote: Arul is my 12 year old nephew. He wrote this book last year (2007), and it was published by his grandfather (my father!). So you can call it a full fledged Home Production!!


  1. Wow! Kudos to Arul

    Now let me act like a mami - I still remember Arul playing in your besantnagar veedu - oru vayasula!

  2. Hey sowmya---love the way you have written the article too--I could almost feel the excitement for the kids when stopped the story at "to be continued":)Guess writing well runs in the family.

  3. hey sorry that was me--aarti, dont know why nikhils name came up

  4. THanks soooo much chithhi!!!
    That too finally some recognition from people who dont know me
    IF family and friends say it was good then it could possibly flattery but since u have read it to the kids and they loved it, It means my book WAS really good.
    Thanx sooo much! I liked the idea of telling a story with Tangrams too.