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Friday, December 19, 2008

Nivedita playing the fur elise

Nivedita played the fur elise by Beethoven. I was floored! She played it with such elan and panache. Who doesn't recognise that melody?
Such a confident young girl she has become, I cannot resist writing about her!
I've seen her 6/7 years back in 1st standard. Naughty, talkative, smart, and very people savvy, she was everyone's darling.
I am seeing her now, and I guess she must be about 15/16 years old...
She looks smart, and savvy, and plays the synthesizer like a pro! She is really an inspiration for me. I look at her parents, and admire them. What a fantastic job they have done, they have raised her so well inspite of all the odds.
You see Nivedita studies in a special school, and has Cerebral palsy. A condition which affects her mobility and coordination.
We need to make such children true champions of this world, give them awards, rewards and accolades. Talk about them every where, so that we can all learn to appreciate life!

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