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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Uthara writes too!

This is Uthara's original story. Even though, a moral at the end seems to be mandatory for her, I like her thought here goes..( I have not edited any grammatical/spelling errors!!)
Uthara is my daughter, age-7 1/2!

Story No.1
Who Is The Greatest?

In a big house in the Dining Table there was a cup of Tea, Coffe,Milk. the coffe and the tea were discusing Who was greatest. "I am the gratest because I am the latest drink" said the coffe.
"I was there even befor british came also". But cup of milk kept quiet.
Then a boy came and drank the cup of milk!
The cup coffe was very sad, the cup of tea too.
But next secend the boy's mother and father came and drank the drinks.
the father drank the tea and the mother drank the coffe.
cups were so happy, they all said to each other now on words we both are best of friends.
the moral of the story is Everybody is the same.

Story No.2
(based on an idea given by her father!)
Once in a village there lived a man who was carrying a Heavy bag. Another man came passing by him. he felt sorry to him, so He said "shall I help you?" The other man said "Ok".
Then you have to give me something said the other man. but the man told "i'll give you NOTHING".
the man kept the log on the place
and said " Now give that nothing"
the other man said "Nothing is Nothing you can't have it".
But then the two people started to fight. At last they decided to go to the head of the village.
The head asked "What is the problem?" The men told the whole story. And the head thought -this man is mad He wants nothing!
the head said- you there come here now, then tell me what is under the carpet?
the man said "nothing".
head said "then take that and go"
the man was disappointed,
the problem was solved!