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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dedicated to A Soul

People inspire me to write more than things/objects. I am that way. The events and circumstances, personality and thought processes that go into making an individual fascinates me. Their history, their lifestyle, their individual preferences,problem solving abilities...
There are some people I revere, am in awe of. Some are my closest confidants. Some I keep my distance and then there are some others, who I would like to emulate, just try to be like them, but something basic called "my personality" comes in the way!

I talk with one person in mind specifically, it was this person's birthday today. Not being a computer geek, she will not know I write about her, nor am I going to tell her. Please don't think I am going to belittle her, in fact today I am doing the opposite, I want to take time to describe her to all of you, and make you the judge.

These are souls,(I cannot call them human beings because they have transcended to a greater level) who touch every one with their spirit. Positive, cheerful, never a negative word or thought.They go through life accepting and living in the moment. Atleast thats how they come across, I guess even if they have negative thoughts, they channelize it to something positive...

Simple, they don't have over annoying ambitions/goals or thoughts. They seem to infuse their spirit into the world around them. People automatically open and speak to them. Their simplicity and ability to listen, being in-born and not learnt. (Right from the garden sweeper, to the Commanding officer, who made it a point to wish her first thing on this morning, have been touched by that inner warmth that she radiates.)

These are people who don't have fancy degrees, but loads of common sense and practical living. Somehow when they speak or do things it seems right and things fall into the proper perspective.

Is it the mind-fullness that is talked about? Are these people the mindful ones?

They live the moment, they enjoy the act of doing now, they have no other thought or preoccupation.

When a person retains his/her simplicity and is able to live the moment aware of his/her own limitations.
A person who has confidence in their own capabilities, without being confounded by past mistakes or regrets of what could have been or should have been.
A person who is spontaneous in their gratitude, who gives without a moments hesitation.
A person who automatically looks at the solution and not the problem.
What do you call them...

A soul

When we find such a soul, we need to hold their personalities in our minds, to use and emulate at opportune times. Some may not see the point in this. But I tell you as a person who is on this endless search for the self, it makes me wonder whether I am not in search of a false identity.

Is that other job going to make me a better person?
Would marrying some one else have made me more successful?
Or living in another city given me better opportunities?
What if I had done something else?
Why could I have not had little more intelligence/confidence?

These questions are worth asking providing, they lead us onto the path of happiness...and not despair...

Intelligence does contribute to better choice making, but more I look around me, I find that mindful living is the key behind happiness.

Finding happiness in even the smallest activity, doing that minute thing with our complete self, be it washing dishes or preparing for a big helps to be here and now...