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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another Special School!

                                                    A Tale with a Difference:

                                          A cosy Home away from from Home:

                Teachers, Parents,Students, an environment that always makes one feel blessed

Uthara and I on World Disabled Day, Dec 3rd, that also happens to be my birthday

Took my kids along too and did the story of "The King's Moustache" by Asha Nehmiah (CBT).
It is the funny but endearing tale of a King who is so in love with his "curly&wurly" mustache that he has every object designed in this shape. The Garden bushes, the Horses tail, and even his Royal bed!
Yet there comes a day when his moustache starts drooping, and becomes straight!. Sad and pensive, our King calls many of the helpers around the Palace to curl it up.The cook, the gardener, and the tailor!

Yet only his Rani comes to his rescue, as she tells him the only way to curl it up is to..."Smile..." and she tickles him!!

I love to tell children this story, as it is funny and at the end I can tickle them pink!
I did so to the children at this special school near my house, literally a stone's throw, where I go every Friday to tell a story. Albeit just for an hour or less, and I know that they don't understand much, yet I come away happy that at least I am able to do this. I  abide my time until when I can do this on a larger scale!

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