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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Source of strength

Psychology says that every one has a Locus of Control; it is that which drives them, which motivates them towards their goal. 

You can either have an Internal Locus or an External Locus. The internally tuned person looks within themselves to do things, and is motivated/ driven from within, or so the experts say, while the external folks look outward and require some element/aspect from the environment to move/ be driven. Historically, and culturally Indians emphasis that it is best to focus within and be driven from within. Literature/research too leans towards this, as people are encouraged to look for intrinsic motivators.

Yet I believe, things cannot be so easily compartmentalized.

Yes, every one needs to have intrinsic motivators. This part of the self helps oneself detach from the outcome of our act. This part helps us feel happy for ourselves, no doubt, helping us do our life’s requirement without worrying too much about the end result. Helps us enjoy the journey and not just reach the goal.
But still what are we?
We are but Humans interacting with a moving, feeling, pulsating, world of people; objects, emotions, thoughts, events, acts, and consequences.

We need extrinsic motivators…

We need an object or person, who can drive us, who help reach our potential. Denying this is to deny our very existence. Don’t we all have some thing/person that puts that fuel into us?

I call them my Source of Strength.
This Source is our motivator from whom we are able to derive our own motivations and drives. We need not be the same or even similar to that motivator, it is enough if this some one or something energises us and helps us move towards happiness or our goal.

Ultimately are we all not searching for that?

For an external person like me, I am constantly trying to find something in the environment to motivate me. I gain my strength from the people or things that surround me. I need and am fired by people who are positive, proactive and balanced. To look at solutions and not problems, who reflect and share that reflection with me! I admire and am energised by such people.

In this quest, I am constantly sending out feelers, questions and comments to various people, at various times. And when I do connect with someone or something the feeling of elation is quite incomparable.  

May their tribe increase...
There may be more than one...

Keep Looking and you will find yours...


  1. hi soms...

    yes...the NLP program i went to defined diff types of people...just like u said...internally motivated...externally motivated...part of being a manager or leader is understanding is what motivates diff people...some want money...some appreciation...some recognition...etc...will talk to you sometime about that course...very external too....same pinch!! ;)

  2. I know I recognise a similarity bet. yu and me Bajji..thats why we click..hahah
    will never admit in public, but its ok to do so on a blog comment form..hahah