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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Puzzling Happiness!

There is no single route to Happiness.
I believe Happiness is a tangible, achievable goal. But that cannot be had by reaching out to a single thing or person.
To me it is a sum total of many aspects of our life. Like a mosaic design we find these individual parts and place them piece by painstaking piece together and build it into the picture we desire.
So that means we need to have the larger picture in mind. If not the exact at least an idea of how we want the end to look. Again as in all things in life we have no template, no pre-formed  model which we can just use to structure our lives on.
Yet there may be some picture, some image that helps us create our own. But again what we create for ourselves is unique and fashioned by the pieces we choose.

So for now, the search for the pieces begins as we live the life we are given.

Sometimes the piece we pick up may not feel right and so that has to be discarded. Sometimes we struggle with a piece believing it to to be the right one and forcing it to fit. This struggle may lead to distortion of the picture, which leads to another manner by which we integrate things in our life, that is to percieve even the distorted piece as right after it has been in the same place for a long time.

Some times the right piece may in front of us but we fail to recognise it, probably until it is too late...too late to complete the picture. Many times we arrive at a piece unexpectedly and happily pick it up rejoicing at this gift and  at other times the gift  we recieve is thrown away as we fail to recognise it as the missing piece.

This constant search for the pieces occur over the course of our life. We sort them out, identify and decide on which pieces we require and which others we dont.

Some are wise to pick up a discarded piece and use it in their picture and some others are wise enough to discard unwanted pieces. As the pieces are not available all at the same time we also need patience and skill to accumulate these pieces.

This picture that we create is actually multi dimensional. Not only are we piecing together our own lives, we have to incorporate the pieces that belong to our spouse and our children as well.
Like the virtual images that we see spinning on an axis. So also we create for ourselves multi dimensional pieces that is our life, that revolves and rotates as we spin a nd spiral on a fulcrum.

Trying to maintain a balance, maintain our positions, we are guided through this game of life by internal and external forces. The beauty of this balance is that if any of these two forces are imbalanced then it can distort our multidimensional jigsaw.
Nothing is required to be picture perfect as long as what we perceive gives us happiness. Fitting or unfitting pieces,  this life is what we make of it.


  1. may 'piece' be with you ! :)) he he he!

    well written...good flow.

  2. hey i really liked this one di! interesting that you see happiness through some sort of global assessment of one's life. i never thot so but loved what you had to say all the same :)
    also dig the new look of your blog.
    talk to you soon.