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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On goofing up..

I read this post on Maami's Weblog...and did a double take. Well, when you think that you are the only one who plays such dangerous games with the Gas and Fire then you dont want to share it with all, and confine it to the four walls and two ears of the husband.
But hey, here was someone who was openly admitting the goof they committed and the painful burns they sustained....well I did the same..except that, the previous day I left the milk to boil on the burner... ( Oh how I have come to think that the microwave is a safer option...yet goofs in that can happen too..but touch wood, not yet)...
And boil... and boil...while I locked and left the house  for the sundry jobs that I was engaged in for the Ladies club hoohaa.
Well in the first place I blame the event for my distracted state of when I reached home, a good 3 hours later...I found charred remains of the vessel. The countour visible but its contents in ashes.

I counted all the "good " I had done...I had left it on the side with the smaller flame, and in low heat. Yipee...saved myself from burning the house down.

Yet the very next day, I left the ghee container on the stove, high side on and was moral policing two tiresome and tired siblings.Panic striken I ran back into the kitchen to find the container burning, so I wisely threw some water on it...after switching the burner off, to find it was the most unwise thing to do. The flames leaped merrily and tauntingly at me.I carried it outside, but the flames burned with "gheeful" intensity.
Finally I toppled the contents into the mud patch at the back. Thanking my stars for saving me yet again.

But I am not alone I find....this aberration occurs in many from to time.
Thanks to blogging, and fellow bloggers, I dont have to feel lonely even in goofing up!!