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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Sometimes my lack of initiative, hampers and bogs me down.
Having just finished with my first ever ladies meeting. I realise that I am such a "follow the leader"...!!
Give me the job and I will do it well. Yet taking Creative Initiative comes rarely. I saw the way ladies come forward to decorate, participate and organize these things and it amazes me.
What is in it for them? 
The sheer challenge of doing something creative or the fact that they would be recognized for their efforts. There is nothing else.
There is absolutely no necessity for them to do any thing!

I have been cribbing about this job. It doesn't interest me, the way that it does them.
Decorating and aesthetic arrangements, are just not in my line of interests. I like to keep things clean, hygiene is important ( much to my husbands dislike...he thinks I go over board). Yet I know where it comes form. While in NCC I have had some extremely difficult camps, where hygiene and basics where so badly compromised I think I have now become extremely choosy about these things.
With 2 kids and a husband who really doesnt bother much about aesthetics, it is not easy being the Lone dog, barking at all and sundry. Sometimes you need to give in and give up. So my house is healthily untidy!

I have the essentials in place, but when it comes to buying those added pleasures to make the house look a l'il nice. Then, both of us are sorely lacking. If I am bad, my husband just has no concept of aesthetics....I know many are like him. He believes if it is not for practical use, then it serves no purpose.Yet I think over the years, having lived with me, he has learnt to keep quiet even if I do splurge once in a while!

You may wonder what this has to do with my current post. It does. 
So now I find I am not much into appearances and beautification, as others in our circle would view it.
It did not matter till now, as we generally keep away from the social circle. Yet, now I am in a situation, where events need to be organised and here aesthetics plays an important role.
Learning the ropes, you could say.
But one advantage, as I said before, is that like any other job, Outsourcing is a great option. So what, if I cannot do it. I can ask people who take pleasure and enjoy doing this to help me out. As long as they don't refuse, I am fine!      
So heres' to all those who pitched in and helped me scrape through this first event.