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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have not written in some times. You may wonder why....I tried but couldn't say what I wanted to and so after the first two lines I would depart, unhappy and unable.
It is not that I have nothing to say, but there is much and not enough time to put it down, unable to type as fast as the thoughts seem to assemble. Frustrated I go back, to give it time to come back to me in real time so that I can put it down coherently.
Does this happen to you? 

I am working for the past 2 weeks in a regular school, albeit as a substitute teacher. But it is a new experience. I have never taught in a regular school, having worked with special children at the beginning of my shaky career path. Yes, I do teach my own children but that is more of a one to one discussion and an ongoing process in our daily routine.
I wanted something to do. So I did it.

After all I love to interact with children and this was a great opportunity to really connect with children in Kanpur.
Yes I enjoyed it. Greatly......

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  1. this will happen to most of the people. the good technique to gather your thoughts is to put it down in letters when they arise. carry a slip to note them.

    now you are with children, you could get good thoughts and lessons from them. enjoy :)