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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


well i have been tagged!
Though I have noticed it on many blogs, this is the first time I have been tagged.
So thanks Mom of V .

Well this means I reveal 7 things about myself and tag 3 more:

* I got wet in the rain one day returning from school( yes way back then..but still, this is in high school)...took a bus, removed my glasses to wipe them ( yes I wear them)...and plonked myself on a seat...only to find in my blindness I had sat on someone's puke....grosses me even today...:))

* used to be the only one who would not drink Ganne ka ras outside our college portals...

* used to drive the two wheeler (friends) on the sly...!

* keep swinging as the mood goes...

* got to get out of the house atleast once a day

* need someone to push me to get things done:((

* get a lot of kick in a room full of kids

Ok, I struggled through that...couldnt find 7 things that I wanted to reveal, that I have not already said!!

Yet I will tag 3 more, so here goes: Asha, dreamsgoon, aruna