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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We are going to the Zoo

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Just took the children to the Kanpur Zoo.

As for them and me, just roaming around is great fun.
The maintenance of the Zoo is to write about, but I still felt some of the animals were in good health.
The pelicans, and the flamingo for one, the rhinoceros for another. The tiger looked bored, while the other animals, sambar deer and bear were looking unhealthy.
It was a hot day, yet the kids could not pull themselves away.

A kingfisher on the tree enjoying (and oblivious) to its relative freedom...

An annoyed Jackal bared its fangs at us, I dont blame him/her, I too would hate to be in a cage, though with time we get used to that too...

The Emus were plenty, wonder how they are proliferating while the others were in pairs.

The orangutan was the favourite, so was the chimp...missed it as the batteries were acting up again. (Have seriously petitioned for a better camera)

The zebras too were looking great, though we got a glimpse from afar, as they coyly peeped at us from an internal enclosure.

Sleepy, sad Zoo...
Happy energetic children
Glad for an outing Mama...

One happy family...