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Monday, April 23, 2012

37 things

I have been following "the Art of Non-Conformity" for some time now...
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For me, conformity and change are two giant words...

When we tire of conformity we seek change...and then once that feels constricting or conforming, we again seek change...hmmm..what a lot of "C" words!!

Though technically I should write 34 things, I am 3 years passed 34 and so it is that I have embarked on putting down 37 things that I have learnt about life

  1. ~ Kindness is tough to practice at all times, but if it becomes a way of life then there is no other more powerful space.
  2. ~ Music is the greatest mood changer
  3. ~ Discipline is a highly misinterpreted word, it is not about another person standing out there dictating rules, but it is when you develop a conscience that will never ever allow you to waver from your core self at times of conflict
  4. ~ Understanding another person's feelings is the greatest/ kindest gift you can give them
  5. ~ Money is absolutely essential; never deny it; it comes to those who live with an abundance mentality; giving and receiving money go hand in hand
  6. ~ Time is the greatest revealer (reveler?!), what you choose to do with your Time, defines what you do with your life…some are casual, and life treats them casually, some are earnest and life treats them with earnestness…you get my point by now I think
  7. ~ Read, there is nothing that has not already been said, known or felt that has not been engraved in written word… Read Up
  8. ~ Never isolate yourself, human interaction is the greatest teacher and sharing brings about many turning points to life
  9. ~ Cut that negativity…every negative thought is what ties and shackles you to the mortar …cut free…prevent them from invading your mental space
  10. ~You can always do more than what you think you can do... by 15% even, but it is possible
  11. ~ Be competitive but not cruel to yourself, when we aspire for or to be ...then we try...we do...we are alive
  12. ~ Connect with children often, they boost your endorphin levels...always!
  13. ~ When people see beyond the Outer You, they will seek your presence no matter what. They are the ones who know and like you...and not just the Outer You
  14. ~ Love is useless if it is not closely complimented by Honesty...
  15. When you love someone, you need to empower them with Honest conversations.
  16. ~ Be happy with yourself, be happy with who you were, who you are, and who you think you will become 
  17. ~ Distress and dissatisfaction helps us grow, as long as we don't make it our permanent status, but use it to step up on our actions
  18. ~ Keep moving, travel is a great way to expand one's thinking
  19. ~ Don't hold on to a past that has no future
  20. ~ Tell stories, personal, fantasy, heard/ read, tell it  to those who will listen...for as you tell, you will feel the change in yourself
  21. ~ Conversations open up wonderful worlds
  22. ~ Everyone has a story to tell! That shows they have lived, enjoy the stories, but disengage from the interpretations
  23. ~ Sometimes, just looking out of the window can make the day wonderful (providing the view offers some foliage:)
  24. ~ Have you seen how children keep asking questions/ keep talking? When we stop talking and asking questions, we stop being
  25. ~ Excellence is competing with yourself to do better than before
  26. ~ People can surprise you, any time, all the time
  27. ~ Don't be afraid to make mistakes or look foolish, or be stupid...everyone has been that and done that
  28. ~ Be your own friend first, then see what a good friend you become for others
  29. ~ Have many interests...
  30. ~ Atleast be completely Honest with yourself!
  31. ~ There is a reason for everything, some are apparent, many are not
  32. ~ Find your life purpose...and work backwards to achieve it
  33. ~ Looking good comes from loving yourself...inside out!
  34. ~ Consistency is a struggle, but can't deny it gets results, if results are what we are looking for
  35. ~ If experiencing life is important, then the risk is worth taking   
  36. ~ When we really start expressing our true selves, we need to be prepared to face total rejection
  37. ~ Unconditional Love can only be shared with Children, any other relation starts conditionally :))
  38. ~ No matter what, what holds you back are those regrets...let them go
Many of these thoughts may not connect with you as a reader, for they come from a space inside me that I dare to look in now...