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Saturday, April 7, 2012

I feel her embrace

 A reconnection with land and water,
This landscape begs for a story in verse

A journey transports us
into new and new found experiences

Anxiety and doubt clouds my soul
past memories vague
newer ones more potent and chilling

Whats all this hoo-haa is your question
a trip that never has been~

A road less traveled by many
yet all those who have,
return to smear, splash, paddle and connect.

The rustic way compliments the soul
as it settles into this way

city squeams thrown away as we
embrace the natural way

the pristine waters entice us
seductive beguiling...inviting

She promises us experiences and
we embrace it with ardor

Choosing to flow with her, move with her,
an incredible dance between nature and the nurtured
To feel her loving embrace

a camping weekend on the Western ghats along the Sharavathi river with children, a commune with nature, a feeling relived after many many years...of wonder and freedom,  space and love,  happiness and sharing, perspective and triumphs, beliefs and attitudes, simplicity and wholesomeness, of nothing and everything.

elemental feelings aroused that were submerged in a deluge of city bred paranoia of health and hygiene

an abandonment an abundance all rolled into 3 days of being, doing and feeling life..

I go down on my knees for these moments of truth

I go down on my knees for these moments of reality

To love and embrace all that is, that was and that will be...