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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Prejudice and Discrimination

I think I have mentioned this before, but methinks it's worth a re-mention now.

My daughter is greatly into pointing out discrimination, prejudice and racial biases to us and to me specifically. Though I would like her to boldly state her thoughts and feelings to all and sundry, I guess she is testing waters here and I happily try to support her views.

Skin colour and advertisements that proclaim instant fairness gets her goat, and mind you; she started this way back when she was 9; and now she is 11. She dislikes these ads and will tell you skin colour is there for a purpose and what does it serve to try and va(r)nish yourself.

Then another conversation about veg/non-veg, and discrimination on religion/ food preferences. She was very cut up that anyone can deny a house on rent because the tenant eats non-veg.

For that matter, the boy/ girl divide is another area she can take her guns out for. Typical stereotype that I am, I do make senseless statements, like the other day I said Guys and Cricket must be some kind of genetic bond; and she was so irritated with my stereotypical statement, reiterating that she too follows cricket quite avidly and I had no right to have such mind sets.

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